Innovative, efficient treatment and therapy systems for chronic dialysis patients

Hemodialysis is an extracorporeal blood purification technique used for patients suffering from chronic renal insufficiency who are not able to receive a kidney transplant. About 2.3 million patients worldwide depend on long-term renal replacement therapies. The number of patients worldwide is increasing by about 6% annually. Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are experiencing even higher rates of growth, up to 10%. Hemodialysis and acute blood purification belong to the category of extracorporeal blood purification techniques. Hemodialysis is the most widely used form of therapy, with a share of 89%. 

Hemodialysis Machine
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Dialog iQ®
Hemodialysis Machine
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Diacap® Pro
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A/V Bloodline Sets
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A/V Sets for Dialog®+
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Diacan® Pro
Fistula Needles
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Renosol Set
Modular Product for the Preparation of Acidic Concentrates (1+34)
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Sol-Cart® B
Bicarbonate Cartridges
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Sodium Bicarbonate
Powder to Prepare Liquid Bicarbonate Concentrates
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Citric Acid 50%
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